Our Cancer Programme
& Cancer Surgeries

Appointment and
Helpline Numbers

  • Coordinator : 8AM to 10PM +91 1246875000
  • GI Cancer Helpline : 8AM to 10PM +91 2222556689
  • Liver Tranplant Helapline : 8AM to 10PM +91 2222556689

Conferences & Workshop

Papers presented in International / National Conferences

  • Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced gallbladder cancer - presented at IHPBA
  • Experience with left sided pancreatic resections at XII National conference of Indian Association of Surgical gastroenterology (Sep 2002) in Hyderabad
  • Palliative surgery for malignant lower bile duct obstruction’ at 7th Biennial congress of ASHBPS and 2nd biennial congress of Indian Society of IHPBA Chennai (Aug 2003).
  • Recovery pattern of liver function tests after surgical biliary decompression at 2nd International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology meet at Arlington, Virginia, USA (july 2005)
  • Gall bladder cancer with duodenal infiltration : Is it still resectable at 2nd International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology meet at Arlington, Virginia, USA (july 2005)
  • Aggressive surgical approach for gallbladder cancer results in improved survival at 2nd International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology meet at Arlington, Virginia, USA (july 2005)
  • Biliary obstruction in gallbladder cancer is not sine qua non of inoperability - Delhi state Chapter Annual Conference 2004 - Held at AIIMS,NewDelhi- awarded 2nd prize
  • The Role of Staging Laparoscopy in Extrahepatic Proximal Biliary Tract Malignancies - Chandigarh IASG 2005
  • Gall Bladder Cancer with Duodenal infiltration: Is it still resectable? : presented at IHPBA 2005 held in Ahmedabad
  • En bloc excision of hepatic hydatid disease is safe and should be the prefereed approach - presented in IHPBA 2005 held at Ahmedabad and also in ACS Delhi
  • An unusual case chronic pancreatitis with pseudocyst presenting with melena.- presented in Indian Pancreas Club Conference in Delhi on 6th - 7th August.
  • Aggressive Surgical approach for Gall Baldder Cancer results in improved resectability and survival - presented in ASICON 2005 held at Jaipur.
  • Surgical Management of Portal Biliopathy - A prospective study - presented in ASICON 2005, held at Jaipur.
  • Detection of H Pylori antibodies in patients with APD and gastric cancer at XXIII annual conference of ASI (UP chapter) 1999

CME Faculty / Invited Lectures

  • HIPEC in colorectal cancer - ACRSI 2015, Delhi
  • Video of Radical cholecystectomy - IASGCON 2015, Pune
  • HIPEC in colorectal cancer - what is the evidence? At IASGCON 2014, Ahmedabad
  • Peritonectomy & HIPEC in colorectal cancer at ACRSI, 2014, Lucknow
  • Peritonectomy & HIPEC in GI malignancies at ICC 2013, Delhi
  • Video presentation on Safe Pancreatic anastomoses- PJ at ICC2013, Delhi
  • Cytoreductive surgery & HIPEC in colorectal Cancer at IASG 2013 at Kolkata on  3rd-6th Oct2013
  • Choledochal cyst in Surgery Update 2013 at MAMC, NewDelhi on 25th Sep 2013
  • Role of cytoreductive surgery & HIPEC in colorectal Cancer with peritoneal metastases at 11thYonsei colorectal cancer international symposium , seoul, Korea on 25th May 2013
  • Live Operative Demonstration of Peritonectomy + HIPEC for Ca colon at RGCON 2013, Delhi
  • Segment 4b+5 resection for Gall Bladder Cancer - Video Workshop at IASG , Bangalore 2012.
  • Standard Extended Chlecystectomy - Tricks at 5th IHPBA certification course at PGIMER Chandigarh on 11th Aug 2012.
  • T2 Incidental GBC- Delayed Reresection at IHPBA (Indian Chapter) 2011 at Bhopal on 24-25Nov2011
  • Cholangitis in Surgery Update 2011 at MAMC, New Delhi on 26-30 Sep 2011
  • Aggressive resection for gall bladder cancer in Symposium on GI Cancer -2011 at MedicaSuperspeciality Hospital, Kolkatta on 7th Feb 2011
  • Incidental Carcinoma Gall Bladder in IHPBA (Indian Chapter) 2010 at GB Pant Hospital, NewDelhi on 19-21st Nov 2010
  • Cystic lesions of pancreas in Surgery Update 2010 at MAMC, New Delhi on 21-27th Sep 2010
  • Surgery in Portal Hypertension in Surgery Update 2009 at MAMC, New Delhi on 21-26 Sep 2009
  • EHPVO: APASL Recommendation - Relevance in Indian Scenario in Mid Term ISG Conference 2009, New Delhi on 22nd-23rd Aug
  • Surgical anatomy of Liver in Delhi Liver Club Meeting om 3rd July 2009
  • Surgery in Acute Variceal Bleed in APASL Consensus Conference on Acute Variceal Bleed on 28-29th Jan 2009
  • Lecture on Surgery in Cirrhotics in CME - Liver Disease & Family Physician organized by INASL on 1st Mar 2009
  • Panel discussion on HCC in Grand Rounds in Malignant Liver Tumors - organized by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi on  24th & 25th Jan 2009


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