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Original articles -

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  • Robot assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy: safety, perioperative morbidity andshort‑term oncological outcome—a single institution experience.Click Here
  • The Initial Indian Experience with Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC in the Treatment of Peritoneal Metastases.Bhatt A, Mehta S, Seshadri RA, Sethna K, Zaveri S, Rajan F, Mahajan V, Singh S, Raj EH, Sugarbaker PH.Indian J SurgOncol. 2016 Jun;7(2):160-5.
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  • Lifestyle and Sporadic Colorectal Cancer in India.Sinha R, Doval DC, Hussain S, Kumar K, Singh S, Basir SF, Bharadwaj M.Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(17):7683-8.
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Book Chapters

  • HIPEC in colorectal cancer. GI Surgery Annual - 2016
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